MoGas operates over 263 miles of interstate natural gas pipeline throughout Missouri and Illinois through which MoGas  transports and delivers natural gas to both investor-owned and municipal natural gas local distributions systems in Missouri and Illinois.

MoGas was created in 2008 by the combination of three affiliated pipeline systems, Missouri Interstate Gas, LLC (“MIG”), Missouri Gas Company, LLC (“MGC”), and Missouri Pipeline Company, LLC (“MPC”).  Prior to 2008, MGC and MPC operated as intrastate pipelines in Missouri, subject to regulation by the Missouri Public Service Commission.  MIG, which operated an interstate pipeline between Missouri and Illinois traversing the Mississippi River, was regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”).  By 2006, it became apparent that it would be beneficial to the companies and customers to consolidate the three companies to operate as one single interstate system.  Accordingly, the companies sought and received FERC approval for consolidation and certification, and the company began FERC-regulated service as a single entity on June 1, 2008.

Today, MoGas provides firm and interruptible natural gas transportation service with receipt points at Centerpoint Energy-Mississippi River Transmission Corporation (“MRT”) on the east and Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company (“PEPL”) and Rockies Express Pipeline (“REX”) on the west ends of the system.  Rates are governed by MP’s tariff, which is regulated and approved by FERC.  The system is divided into two zones for rate purposes.  As reflected in the map contained in MoGas’ tariff, Zone 1 encompasses the former MPC and MIG systems (thereby primarily running east-west) and Zone 2 includes the former MGC system.   On March 1, 2009, MP placed into service a compressor station at MP’s interconnection at PEPL.